Why is lavender so good for you and your skin?

In a world ful of scents, there are always scents that stand out. Not only for there scent itself but also for their color or how they look when not in a jar. We love the scent of lavender, most people do, but why? Why is lavender so special. We were wondering the same thing and got online to search for answers.

What is lavender

Lavender has over 450 varieties spread over 45 different species of flowering plant. The Latin name for lavender is Lavendula and is part of the mint family. Lavender can be found all over Europe from the north to the east and even in Africa, mediterranean and southwest Asia to southeast India. Did you know that lavender is over 2500 years used in recipies, soap, clothing and more? It was first used by the Egyptians as a perfume and was later on used in China for heath purposes.

Lavender is good for…

It can be good for several reasons. Not only for a good warm bath that makes you relaxed and clear your head. Lavender is also good for the following things:

  • Lavender oils are recommended for a good night sleep. It is a good alternative way for an insomnia treatment and relaxes you to the point of sleeping tight
  • It helps with cleaning up acne. Lavender has profound benefits of its antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics.
  • Keeps bugs like mosquitoes, midges and moths on a distance. They hate the smell of lavender and therefore take a distance to the substance. Place a bit of lavender next to your bed and you’re find for the night!
  • Are good for stress and anxiety to give you that calm and relaxing feeling. It also helps against headaches, depression, nervous tension and migrains even as emotional stress. That’s why a good bath with lavender is so good for your inner and outer feeling.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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