Using pepper powder in soaps

Yes, you read that well. We use real pepper or paprika powder in our soaps. This natural ingredient gives the soap that nice orange sunset tone that we love so much. It doesn’t do anything for your skin: no burning, no rubbing or red skin. Just that beautiful color is what we are looking for.

Bright orange or pastal orange?

To ‘inject’ the paprika powder to our soap, we use two different techniques. To get the bright orange color, we mix the powder with olive oil and let it set for a few hours. Most times we do this overnight to really make sure we let it rest enough before using. A few hours later the powder is absorbed by the olive oil and will give it that bright red orange like color. When mixing up all our ingredients for creating the soap, we add the mixture of olive oil and powder into our soap. This will give it that bright orange touch at the end of the process.

But how do we create a pastel color you might ask? By mixing the powder directly into the soap when creating it, it gives that pastel color with little spatters all of the place. The color is mixed up in the soap process but doesn’t get that intense orange color. The soap is the same but different in color.

Allergic reactions?

Paprika or pepper powder in soap is very mild, it has no scent at all. The powder is mixed up with the rest of the soap ingredients and only gives it the color orange. There are only a few traces in the soap but they don’t harm the skin. The powder doesn’t give your skin a orange color and give no scent to your skin.

In some cases the powder can give an allergic reaction on the skin. In most cases the person in question was already allergic to any kind of pepper / paprika in the first place.  Please make sure before using this kind of soaps, that you are not allergic for pepper/paprika.


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