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Using pepper powder in our soaps

Using pepper powder in soaps Yes, you read that well. We use real pepper or paprika powder in our soaps. This natural ingredient gives the soap that nice orange sunset tone that we love so much. It doesn't do anything for your skin: no burning, no rubbing or red skin. Just that [...]

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Techniques to relax from a long and stressful week at the office

We have all been there; a long day or a long week of working your butt off. To relax you can just sit on a couch doing nothing. That  will start to get bored after a while and you back in a none relaxing modus after all. Today I want to share 10 tips to be relaxed and to stay relaxed.

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New Deluxe Soaps Available

Something nice and shiny always gives that sense of happiness and feeling luxurious. Try our new Deluxe Soaps with amazing glitters and texture. These luxury soaps will give you that special feeling under the shower or in the bath tub when using this soap...

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Creating soap is our passion and to share that with you is our destiny. Enjoy our products to the fullest and re-stack it when it’s gone. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We are here for you and your long and hot shower and bath moments.